08 September 2010

They call it brindle

Some loyal, long-time readers will recall that my very first real post to this blog was about shoes: First Steps

And indeed, Keen was a good place to start. Behold, for China and beyond, a new pair of walking shoes, in a browny grey - but not in that awful taupe way. They call it "brindle".

**Update: After wearing the new Keens all weekend, I have decided that while they are indeed comfy and versatile, they do not breathe. My feet were far too warm, even using the famed wicking merino socks. And that will not do.

Plan B:  My trusty fluevogs. Various vogs (from the Sara to the Gibson) have kept my feet happy on several other international adventures so it seems fitting that my current pair of studded vogs should come along this time.

Unless I change my mind again. In 29 days anything could happen.

Dot. Dot. Dot.  And it did.

After a 3-day test run of the vogs I decided they weren't comfortable enough and allowed no room for cushy inserts.  Back to Keen for the mary-jane version of the shoe I bought before. The open panel allows for breathing and I get comfort too.

Don't ask me about socks.

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