12 November 2009

First steps

A good librarian, upon being selected for an international exchange, would first create a bibliography of appropriate resources.

Me? I started researching shoes. Obviously I'll have to buy some new shoes for this trip. And in keeping with my rigorous standards for packing light, I can only take ONE pair.  They need to be:
  • comfortable
  • professional
  • versatile
  • appropriate for a warm, humid climate
  • provide protection from, uh... environmental factors
I'm thinking Keen is a good place to start my quest. Suggestions?


  1. Christine (O Carroll) TaylorNov 13, 2009, 7:12:00 AM

    Are you sure about the one pair of shoes policy? I haven't traveled in a while, but I hard a hard time finding clothes my size in Singapore when they lost my luggage (and I'm half Chinese). I can't imagine trying to find shoes that fit in China.

    A broader comment: woo-hoo!

  2. I would also suggest you check J-41. Be sure you ignore their ugly heeled shoes, but maybe something like this could work: http://bit.ly/2XuZ7H. Or even this: http://bit.ly/2KfoIU.

  3. If something awful befalls my feet and I end up wearing my shower flops the whole trip, well.. that'll be a good story! :)

    The green J-41's are cute!