14 November 2009


So, you may be wondering, how exactly is Brandon going to China? As part of the Horner Exchange. Read on...

"The Horner Library Staff Exchange Project is an exchange of library staff between Fujian Province, China, and Oregon, for the purpose of sharing professional knowledge about library and information science. It was established through a generous gift from the late Dr. Layton Horner to the Oregon State Library, and continues through a partnership between the Oregon State Library and OLA’s International Relations Round Table. Our international partners are the Fujian Provincial Library and the Fujian Library Association. Fujian is Oregon's sister province in China and the Fujian Provincial Library maintains a sister library relationship with the Oregon State Library."

The last exchange took place in 2007, and the delegates blogged: http://hornerexchange.blogspot.com/

Spring 2010, a delegation of library staff from Fujian will visit Oregon, and in turn the Oregon delegation will visit Fujian in October or November of 2010.

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