18 November 2009


Ever since I got the call -- "Brandon, this is Captain Panda. Do you? Bamboo?" -- I've been carrying around a piece of paper to jot down all the things I need to ponder, figure out, plan, and strategize before the trip to China. Gave me something to do during those enraging meetings that go on and on blah blah snore...

Here it is. The List. In no particular order. Imagine my scrawled penmanship, coffee stains, voodoo doll doodles:
  • language
  • research/prep
  • books about
  • books to read there
  • work etc proposal for Multnomah
  • cell
  • blog, twitter -> bamboo curtain?
  • clothes, shoes
  • gifts
  • Kaiser travel clinic/shots - NO LARIUM
  • snacks
  • stickers for kids
  • camera tech, wireless memory card, backup
  • self defense
  • travel insurance
  • savings account - my expenses (SmartyPig?)
  • sightseeing/vacation afterward (meet brother?)

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