04 September 2010

Hanging in there

Fresh from my HMO's travel clinic, JW and I hopped a bus to Portland's Old Town. Although many of the neighborhood's long-time residents and businesses have moved elsewhere in the city (mostly around 82nd Ave), Old Town is still Chinatown. And Chinatown is still the Hung Far Low.

Hung Far Low Returns

Hung Far Low was the site of my 21st birthday party and countless other crazy fun nights. I never ate the food, and never used the restroom, but I always raised a deadly Singapore Sling to the giant wooden Buddha in the corner. It was nice to see the sign re-hung, as it were, after its restoration.

Earlier that afternoon, I took care of one more "to do" before I leave for China -- vaccinations. Some countries require certain vaccinations for entry, but China does not. My HMO had several recommendations, and from those I chose to get a tetanus booster and a "just in case" prescription for cipro (for severe travellers' tummy).  Arm was super sore for a few days, but better than the alternative.

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