08 April 2010

Then it snowed

It was Bad Luck Morning.  Enterprise was late and confused with the rental, 2 miles into Washington State I got pulled over for a speeding ticket -- my first and only in 23 years of driving -- and at milepost 54, at the rest stop, the plastic fob for the minivan stopped working (dead battery) with *everything* locked in the van.

Then it began to snow.

Actually, everything turned out fine and we laughed a lot about all the "bad luck". We ate bananas and candy for lunch, but we made our 1:30 appointment at Seattle Public Library. Staff gave us a full tour with many behind-the-scenes views.

Besides the dramatic architecture and intriguing color choices, our guests were most interested in the public access computers, the virtual services, and the auto-sort machinery.

Horner Exchange - SPL
p.s.  So, not everything was in the van. JW's trusty iPhone was in his pocket. Eventually we got through to the Enterprise help line who explained the plastic fob breaks apart to reveal an emergency key. Good to know. Destroying the fob would not have occurred to me.

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