10 April 2010

From Friday

So much happened today, I don't know where to begin. If only I could generate a tag cloud from my brain.

The morning drive to Issaquah was uneventful. ;)  Misty forests and snow-capped mountains lined the way to King County's sort center -- a warehouse-size automated sorting facility. It was a great tour, packed with interesting and useful information. Speaking well in a translation situation is a skill few possess, much less master. Tour leaders Tony and Steve are rock stars!

Horner Exchange - KC Sort Center

Sunshine appeared for our afternoon at the beautiful University of Washington campus. A thorough tour of the East Asian Library was conducted by the director, gracious at our sudden appearance -- our emails had been thwarted by spam gnomes. After exploring the main library, we wandered around the campus, where everyone was friendly and every tree was blooming.

Then we ate pizza.

Horner Exhange - Seattle

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