12 April 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

After touring four libraries in two days, we devoted Saturday to sight-seeing. The cold & windy weather was a hindrance, but we bundled up as best we could and stopped for tea/coffee every hour. Ok, ok, *I* stopped for coffee every hour*.

Horner Exchange - Seattle
Horner Exchange - Seattle

High-lights of the day were:
  • Riding the monorail 
  • "Duck Tour" - tour bus becomes tour boat
  • Walking tours of Seattle - everything is a story, adventure through new eyes
  • Hand-shaved noodle dinner at Shanghai Garden
What I enjoyed most was explaining all the different flowers and vegetables at Pike Place Market. It was fun to figure out how to explain rhubarb or radicchio in a few simple words, and as a gardener I could talk endlessly about flowers. Our guests enjoyed every single bloom, as did I.

Horner Exchange - Seattle

*Mark my words, this will come back to haunt me. Our guests, having observed my coffee-drinking habits, will no doubt attempt to accommodate me in China in October. I foresee many pots of percolation. Really, I like tea, I really do!  :)

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