07 April 2010

Dragon takes Swan

Today, we toured the behind-the-scenes staff areas of Central Library. Our guests had many questions about how we do what we do, moving books, answering questions, managing special events, keeping up with technology. A lot of good discussions and amazingly friendly staff. Our guests felt very welcome!

Horner Exchange - Central Library

Later -- after more picture taking and shopping -- we continued the tour at Multnomah's Administration building, where Technical Services is located. The director Vailey Oehlke hosted the delegates with tea and cookies -- and more conversations.

Both the hosts and the guests are learning a lot about how we manage libraries. We face many of the same challenges, but often reach different solutions. I hope to see more of this when I visit Fujian in October.

("Dragon takes swan" was JW's response to my text: "Our guests have conquered Swarovski!")

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