28 February 2014

More than meats

supplies for impromptu bbq

At the end of Meats Sweats's description of protein-heavy holiday foods, I noted:
A visit to my life around Christmas would leave you thinking I subsisted entirely on cookies, booze, and spiced liquid eggs. My upcoming June trip to Spain will give me a chance to get another perspective.
Well, yes, there are veggies and variety in Catalonia! Burgers, cupcakes, and pizza too.

cupcake craze hits Barcelona....

...and the burger fad too

Between the rich food of the wedding (the reason for our visit) and the near-constant dining out, we still ate too many sweets and too many meats (and I say that as someone who follows a quasi-paleo diet). But that was entirely due to our lack of a kitchen than it was some to deviance in the culture.

Admit it, you're a little disappointed. Shouldn't there be some place where all food is meat? A kind of Willy Wonka world of salami and steaks, undulating bacon rivers, and soft lard beaches. Yum.

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