31 July 2012

Meat Sweats - Christmas in Catalonia Pt. 2

Christmas Eve dinner
Christmas Eve dinner - 2 meat dishes, sweets, red wine

Welcome to part 2 of your request for food, fotos, and fotos of food. Stop now if you're vegan.

What struck me most about the food was the amount of meat. Meat, glorious meat. Not a vegetable in sight. No complaints! All of the food was delicious, served with friendship and love, and I enjoyed every bite. But I was surprised at the lack of greenery.

Christmas Eve cooking
Christmas Eve roast chicken stuffed with sausage, dried fruit, pine nuts

Chritsmas Day dinner
Christmas Day dinner included roast chicken and blood sausage.

One 7-course meal consisted entirely of seafood and meat dishes. A long-promised salad turned out to be a bit of frisee perched on the side of plate, topped with a lonely olive. I devoured them both and reached for the flower arrangement.

La Boqueria
Jamon (ham) from La Boqueria market

But, then, it was the holidays. A visit to my life around Christmas would leave you thinking I subsisted entirely on cookies, booze, and spiced liquid eggs.  My upcoming June trip (2013) to Spain will give me a chance to get another perspective.

Note to self: Add Magnesium Citrate to packing list.

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