19 October 2010

Tea age

Wuyishan is famous for its oolong tea, reported to prevent cancer, lower blood pressure, and at the very least make a nice cuppa. Government officials are currently petitioning UNESCO to recognize tea as the third heritage in Wuyishan's designation.

Tea here is about more than a beverage, more even than the rituals (everyday and formal) around sharing that beverage. Tea is spirit, is life, is love.


A stone marking the path of wisdom reads "Spirit of Tea" so that you may walk the path with the spirit of tea.

Oolong tea ritual

The tea master and owner of the Liang Xiu tea factory demonstrates an oolong tea ritual.


Mr. Yang, the director of the Wuyishan library, shares tea from his own collection (like a wine cellar) with us.


They say, "May you reach the tea age." The Chinese character for tea includes strokes that resemble numbers adding up to 108. May you live so many years, with spirit, life, and love.

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