22 October 2010

Brandon jumping over the wall

So, the food. The food, the food, the food. It's a never-ending banquet of one delicious dish after another. Our hosts are making sure we have the best impression of Chinese cuisine and hospitality.

bamboo shoots, sauteed

Yeah, yeah, there was some frog soup and some turtle feet and something bearing a strong resemblance to the visage of a certain carrot-eating fuzzy friend, buck teeth and all staring at me from my plate.... but mostly it's fresh vegetables, delectable meats, and an amazing array of seafood. All local, and much of it organic. Even something as seemingly simple as broth knocks me out.

crispy duck skin

There is one local specialty we have yet to try -- "Buddha Jumping Over The Wall". The story goes that the Buddha was walking along, and smelled something so wonderful and enticing, that he lept over a wall to find it. We asked, What was in this dish?

Every delicious thing. Every one.

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