16 October 2010

Hong Kong - Lantau

After a day of relaxing in my hotel on Lantau, I set out on an adventure today. Flying through the air over sea and mountains.

I opted for the "standard" car instead of the Crystal Cabin -- with a see-through floor. Maybe next time.

It was a breath-taking ride, up and up and up over the sea, and over the mountain, and still more. The car carried us deep into the middle of the island. Below we could see hikers climbing the Lantau trail, many struggling in the humidity. The trail goes all over the island.

Just as we crested the last ridge, the Tian Tan Buddha came into view. The cable car ends near the Po Lin Monastery, and it's a short walk through a tourist area and up a very long flight of stairs (many thanks again to Samara for teaching me the rest step!) to the Buddha.

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  1. Wow, sounds incredible already! I suspect you will be putting the rest step to good use throughout your adventures in China. Enjoy...and can't wait to hear about the mountains.