07 February 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Some months have passed since I returned home from China, and during that time two New Years' celebrations took place.

foto by Kim V.
First, a small gathering of friends celebrated the Western New Year in my home on December 31. We had yummy cocktails (thanks to Danni D.), a generous helping of sparklers (one of the few legal fireworks in Oregon), and a surprise appearance by a bottle of Moutai.

New Year's Eve

Darrell received a bottle of the well-known baijiu from two Chinese grad students a couple of years ago. It was the same brand served to us on the Horner Exchange. Baijiu is called a liquor but "moonshine" is closer to the truth. Naturally we indulged in a few rounds of toasts and cheers, but champagne is still our drink of choice for New Year's.

Second, in early February, JW and I celebrated Chinese New Year at Portland's Lan Su Garden.  Quiet, with only the tiniest signs of Spring -- an edgeworthia with a few open blossoms, daphne buds with a hint of pink showing -- the garden was decorated everywhere with red lanterns.

In addition to the traditional lanterns, a display from HiiH Gallery graced one room.

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