25 October 2010

South Pacific

It's before dinner and we find ourselves oddly at a seashore boardwalk, complete with games and rides and slightly sweet Chinese popcorn.

That's when it hits me. That's the Pacific Ocean right there. My Pacific ocean. From the other side.

I'm running towards the water. Remembering a time when Donna and I ran on a moonless night towards the distant sound of the surf, more distant than we realized, peeling off clothes that only the best of luck allowed us to find again later, shivering.

I had to touch this water. From the other side.

It was a little warm and a little brown and I felt a little silly. But pleased.


  1. Glad that you're pleased. The Pacific Ocean just connects you, me and all.

  2. Love this post! I have felt the same about the Pacific and my dear friends in Japan. Thank you, Brandon, for your regular commentary about your time in China. ~Barbara O.

  3. Hi Brandon! What a lovely post.

    Am enjoying the commentary on the Horner blog and now your Flickr pics....which brings me to a question. I thought it would make a great Facebook post to feature your involvement with the Horner Exchange trip. I think our FB fans would be interested in this cool and usual thing one of our MCL'ers is doing.

    Jeremy has given me the green light to do it but I'm wondering if a) you are cool with it and b) if you can send a pic of yourself in China (otherwise I will just pull the pic of you from the homepage of this blog).

    Let me know ASAP if you can (but I know you're busy!) I want to post it tomorrow (Thurs) or this Saturday.

    Thanks--and see you on the "this side of the Pacific".

    -Kim Anderson

  4. @Kim, fine by me, thanks. Probably best to grab the bio foto from here, I'm been rather good at avoiding having my foto taken here. ;)