22 July 2010

Not quite yet . . . . . Ok, Now

For months, friends and co-workers bounced joyfully "You must be sooooo excited!!!!!!!"  I felt a little ungrateful mustering an untruthful "Um, yeah, loads" or an honest "No, not really, not yet, I'm sure I will later, closer to the trip." Didn't seem real yet, I suppose. Too many distractions at work or fighting my HMO, I suppose.

Then it happened.

That sort of ohmygod sinking feeling in my tummy, like right before you go over the steep hill of a roller coaster and yell "Wheeeeeeeee!"

We received a tentative itinerary today, with entries like "ancient lanes", "Gushan Mountain", "Mawei shipyard".  These are simple words, but suddenly I felt the spark. I wanted to know more. How ancient are these lanes? How tall is the mountain? Does it have snow on top, or jungle all around? What kind of ships? Can I sail on one? Suddenly I felt the rush.

I'M GOING TO CHINA!  Wheeeeeeee!

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