17 July 2010

Horner Exchange blog

13 weeks til departure. 13. Pause for a moment and think about how fast one week flies by.

After the lull -- that time before a trip where it's too late to do anything that requires long-term preparation (I think I'll lose 40lbs and become fluent in 2 dialects), but it's too early to begin doing all the little stuff (the black bag with the red details, hmm, or the red bag with the black details??) -- we are beginning to gear up.

First, we've created an official blog for the Horner Exchange 2010 (this here mercatorial blog is my personal travel blog and will cover old trips and new adventures too).


Second, ... well, my half-page To Do list turned into 4 pages. Our group had a nice lunch meeting yesterday where we compared notes, made plans, and reviewed information regarding the presentations we've been asked to make. My topics are RFID, and the management of electronic resources.

Third, I have begun the preliminary packing list. My light packing foo is legendary, but could not be possible without the packing list, the clothes matrix, and several other mystical logistical charts and forms. I'll post more about that soon.

Or, maybe I won't. A girl has to have some secrets.


**Update: the final packing list

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