27 April 2010

Yay Daddy!

While he's no Up in the Air, my dad travels a lot for work and builds up a mountain of frequent flier miles that my brother and I chip away at from time to time.  Which is how I'll be flying from Portland to Hong Kong for free.

Yay Daddy!

Which also means I need to arrange transport from Hong Kong to Fuzhou -- the functional equivalent of getting from Portland to San Francisco.... If Portland, Ashland, Redding, and San Fran were the centers of Special Economic Zones with their own rules & regulations, and customs control.  Flying would be easiest.

Which is why I'm looking at ferry tables and cruise lines.  ;)

Fuzhou is an important port for China, both historically and in the modern era. Arriving by boat seems fitting. Any of my avid -- all 5 of you -- readers know anything about a slow boat to Fuzhou?

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