02 March 2010

Poll closed

Thanks for participating in my "After China?" poll.  The results are:
  • Hawaii - 7 votes
  • Vietnam - 6
  • Macau - 5
  • Brunei - 1
  • Portland - 1
I guess everyone wants me to take a break after three weeks in China. I'm inclined to agree -- though the one Brunei vote was mine.

Here is my current thinking. Given that I will likely use Hong Kong rather than Shanghai as my gateway, how about getting over my jet lag before the Horner Exchange for a few days on Lantau Island (where the HK airport is)? If I'm feeling adventurous, I can pop over to Macau from there.

Then after the exchange, stop over in Hawaii for a few days to relax before coming home. Perhaps I can talk some friends into joining me? It's sort of near-ish my birthday -- the last year in my 30's!

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