31 March 2010

Gift ideas - a repost

Reposted from January:

I need your collective brain power again my friends.

It is customary on these professional exchanges to give and receive gifts. So I'm puzzling over gift ideas. Here are the complicating factors that stymie me. The gifts need to be:

  • Within my budget (maybe $100?)
  • Small, lightweight, and preferably flat (packing)
  • Nice, something a person might actually like
  • Reflective of Oregon
  • Not "Made in China" because, I mean, c'mon!
Help ?  Take the poll or comment below. Thanks!


  1. Karen and I have always liked things made of Mytlewood. I don't know if you can get them in Portland (easy to find on the coast. Road Trip!!) or if you can find some inexpensive items, but I would guess so.

  2. I got a couple of etched glass Statue of Liberty souvenirs while I was in NY. I know the Statue of Liberty does not exactly shout out "Oregon" but it is such an endearing icon. I thought someone in China would enjoy it.