22 February 2010

February Horner Meeting

Today the US host committee for the Horner Exchange met over coffee and cinnamon rolls. I imagined our Chinese counterparts meeting somewhere over tea and almond cookies. Then I imagined them setting off lunar new year's fireworks. Americans have boring meetings.

We learned that the visiting Chinese delegation will be delayed by at least one week, shifting their trip to April 3 - 23. Which means they will miss the PLA conference, a disappointment on both sides.

However, it left a few days open in the tentative schedule. My supervisor (and first alternate) Pat suggested we fill that time with a side trip to Seattle. But who would go with them?

"I can do that." Did I say that out loud? I imagined something involving a minivan from Zipcar, throwing fish, and a bridge troll -- but no fireworks. Well... maybe...

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