15 January 2010

A gift for you

I need your collective brain power again my friends.

It is customary on these professional exchanges to give and receive gifts. So I'm puzzling over gift ideas. Here are the complicating factors that stymie me. The gifts need to be:
  • Within my budget (maybe $100?)
  • Small, lightweight, and preferably flat (packing)
  • Nice, something a person might actually like
  • Reflective of Oregon
  • Not "Made in China" because, I mean, c'mon!
Help ?

(At this point, I don't know how many gifts I should bring. 30, probably, -ish.)


  1. I vote for pins (flair) or key chains. They were popular for international exchanges I've been on... granted those were more of the school-age variety (high school/college), so they might be lame for a more professional setting.
    In Japan, handkerchiefs and towels are popular gift items that would be relatively flat and light for packing purposes.

  2. Thanks Akemi.

    Facebook friends also recommended small Oregon books, and saltwater taffy.

  3. Oregon being a very agricultural state, one is tempted to bring gifts of honey, hazelnuts, salmon, berry jam, cheese, and so on. But perhaps food is dangerous or impolitic somehow?