18 December 2009

And then what?

The Horner Exchange is 3 weeks of travelling and working around Southeastern China. After the exchange program, what do I do next? I'm already there, and I've never been one to waste a grueling 18-hr flight, replete with airport hassles and really-super-fun security measures.

Planning the after trip before I've planned the actual trip may seem a little cart before the horse, but with rough dates chosen, researching plane tickets is a logical next step.  So, I need to know where I'm going.

I have no idea.

Considerations:  Cost, of course. Climate, if I want to pack light I need to stick to one kind of weather. Comfort, after working for three weeks, I'll want something relaxing, easy, with a little rejuvenation before I dive back into my woefully neglected job.

A stack of travel books from my local library have helped me winnow the choices -- though I am still open to other ideas. Help me out! Comment on this post or take the poll. I know how you love polls.

p.s. Portland is on the list as a kind of recover-cation choice.  Be home. Do laundry. Deal with jet-lag. Smooch JW.

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